Andersen® 400 Series Tilt-Wash Window with Optional Performance Grade (PG) 50 Upgrade

Andersen Corporation is pleased to introduce a redesigned PG50 upgrade option for 400 Series tilt-wash units. This new design eliminates the need for field applied installation clips as well as all visible interior structural support brackets and the exterior outer frame member brackets. New upper sash exterior pivot pins and the existing exterior sill brackets will still be used but would be partially hidden from view if using an insect screen. Double sash locks will continue to be used.



Tilt-wash units with PG upgrade already installed in the field cannot be retro-fitted to eliminate the interior structural brackets due to unit modifications. These new enhancements do not apply to the monumental 72 and 76 heights or tilt-wash units with impact resistant glass.  Contact Heartland Glass for more details and information.