Remembering a great man and a great leader

Doug Nelson 8/12/44 – 5/8/19
Former CEO and co-owner of
Brin Glass Company
“None of this would run or even be here without the terrific team of people we have.” – Doug Nelson

We are sad to report the passing of someone very special to all of us who taught us not only lessons of leadership but of life, Doug Nelson. 

Douglas Marshall Nelson, was the co-owner and former CEO of Brin Glass, the parent company to Heartland Glass. A certified public accountant by trade, Doug and another fellow accountant, Larry Waller, purchased the Minneapolis-based Brin Northwestern Glass Co. in 1978. Just last June, Nelson retired as Brin’s CEO.
Doug credited his business success in large part due to his supportive wife of 51 years, Marilyn, and his team of employees and business partners. Doug continued coming to the office until the last 6 months of his life when his cancer became debilitating. Although Doug loved working, he never put work first. He had a gift for keeping balance in his life, and that is one of the strongest parts of the legacy he leaves with us. We will miss you Doug. Thank you for everything.