Showers for Tiny Homes: How to Choose

One of the more non-traditional home styles that many people are interested in is the tiny home phenomenon. These homes are frequently built on trailers, so they can be moved from place to place, and their defining feature is being small but well-organized, with every inch of space put to good use.

Plumbing in a tiny home can be a struggle. Finding a shower that maximizes space in a tiny home while still being attractive is hard, because there aren’t many companies making glass shower doors for motor homes. However, if you get creative, you might find that there’s an obvious answer: custom glass enclosure from Heartland Glass! Here are the top four qualities to look for in a shower to include in your tiny home.


Obviously, in a tiny home, the most important aspect of a shower is how well it fits in the space allotted to it. Many tiny homes have footprints of less than 120 square feet, which means that a useful shower might take up 10% of the entire house. With that in mind, you want to avoid sliding doors or shower doors that open out. Sliding doors require a place to slide them to, which may not be possible in a tiny home. A door that only opens out needs several feet of clearance, so that you can get into the shower at all.

The type of shower door you want should be able to open on a hinge in either direction – opening into the shower lets you enter without hitting anything and opening out allows you to exit from a small space easily. You also should consider getting hinges that attached to the top and bottom of the door, instead of at one edge. This saves you precious inches of space on the shower door’s opening radius. Inches are everything in a house that’s ten feet wide!


Tiny homes often have strange dimensions. A shower may have a built-in seat, which is actually a drawer that pulls from the outside to store towels. Being able to customize your shower wall would be incredibly helpful! Even if there is no ingenious storage happening around your tiny home shower, you still want to make sure the door isn’t too wide for your space.

This level of customization is crucial to all aspects of a tiny home, not just the shower. However, the shower and the bathroom facilities in general are where customization is often hardest to find. Finding a good shower fabricator who makes the shower to your specifications can be the difference between feeling like you’re camping while you live in the tiny home or feeling like you live in just that: a tiny home.


Most tiny home owners, when pressed on the matter, will admit that part of what appealed to them about a tiny home was the aesthetic of the whole thing. The craft with which tiny homes are put together, the thought that goes into where everything will be stored, and the simplicity inherent in a home that is the size of a large bedroom has a real draw. If you’re trying to really make your tiny home what you want, you shouldn’t back down before you get to the bathroom.

A tiny home shower should be just as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the house. With a frameless glass shower door, you can make sure that happens. The hardware you choose can match the rest of your tiny home, and you can even choose whether to prioritize privacy or open lines of sight by deciding between decorative or clear glass. Don’t sacrifice aesthetic for convenience when you can have both!

Excerpts from Glass Door Direct article.