No cutting corners here. With over a century’s experience in the glazing industry, Heartland has developed profound insights. We’ve learned that jobs involving heavy glass and metal building materials, often conducted at considerable heights, are best tackled by consistent, detail-oriented professionals. This industry insight, shaped by numerous decades of experience, makes us a leading figure in the glazing sector.

With an established history and a stellar reputation, Heartland prides itself on employing the most experienced glazing professionals in the industry. Underpinning our success are our committed employees, business owners, and union members. All of them form the cohesive Heartland family, where safety is given paramount importance. While looking for glazing experts or union team safety commitment, Heartland is the industry leader boasting an impressive track record.

Everyday Safety

Heartland has several standard practices and policies designed to promote and improve workplace safety. These include:

  • “Full-time PPE” (hard hat, safety vests, and safety gloves) is required for any Heartland team member who enters a job site
  • Proper lifting equipment as required for each project
  • High-quality, cut-resistant shirts and gloves for glass handler
  • Company Safety Director ensures compliance with Heartland’s own policies as well as OSHA safety regulations
  • Gang boxes at each job site are stocked with first aid supplies, GFIs, specialty tools, and everything needed to help promote safety in the field
  • Fall protection equipment such as heavy-duty belts and pull harnesses are frequently inspected and updated on a regular basis; additional specialty gear available to team members by request
  • Specialized, automated equipment and machinery that helps us safely fabricate, transport, load/unload, and install heavy, large, or breakable materials
  • Weekly, job-site-specific team meetings to plan ahead for weather, potential site hazards, safety tools or equipment needed, and fall protection gear for upcoming jobs

We Get Home Safe

At Heartland, safety is of utmost priority, particularly for our dedicated team of professional glaziers, fabricators, drivers, and site supervisors. Through regular safety training programs and routines, we ensure the well-being of our workforce operating across the dynamic environments like installing glass in new skyways, insulating large glass slabs in our fabrication shop, delivering products on icy roads, or undertaking window replacement tasks in high-rises. Understanding the high-risk nature of our work, our primary goal is to ensure all team members return home safely at the end of each working day.

Safety First

At Heartland, we prioritize safety not just for our employees and trade partners, but also for our customers, tenants, and the general public near our job sites. Our meticulous attention to safety and details ensures a secure environment for everyone. This commitment to safety is a key aspect of our business, making us a leading choice in our industry. With Heartland, you can always expect stringent safety measures that go beyond just safeguarding our team; they extend to providing peace of mind and security to everyone involved or close by.