Our experience shines through in the design phase

At Heartland Glass, we transform your designs into reality. While architects craft the overarching vision of a building, they aren’t expected to be masters of every construction detail. This is where Heartland’s specialized knowledge in glazing adds immense value to your commercial construction projects.

Our team possesses a deep understanding of the nuances in construction, especially concerning architectural glass and metal. We ensure that your vision is not just an idea, but a feasible plan in the world of glazing. Considering factors like material availability, wind load, and other structural or environmental elements, we also propose effective solutions that align with your design goals.

Consider these scenarios: Consider these scenarios: Determining the appropriate specifications for a 20-foot-tall glass and aluminum storefront, navigating building code constraints for glazing applications, or selecting the optimal thickness for tempered glass in an interior accent wall. Heartland Glass, leveraging its seasoned expertise in glass and glazing, is the perfect partner to address these questions.

Commercial builders value Heartland Glass for being:

  • Consultative: We join you in your commercial building venture, focusing on enhancing efficiencies rather than upselling or complicating your project. Our expertise in architectural glass and metal design helps avoid pitfalls and ensures the success of your vision.
  • Knowledgeable: With a legacy spanning over a century, Heartland is among the Midwest’s oldest glass companies. Our extensive experience enables us to turn even preliminary sketches into viable, buildable plans for your glass or metal construction components.
  • Budget-aware: Understanding the financial stakes of delays in construction, we recognize the risk of cascading setbacks. Heartland mitigates these risks through proactive planning from the start, ensuring a smooth design process for our clients.
  • Detail-oriented: Need a solution for energy-efficient glass coating to reduce heat accumulation? Considering bird-safe glass or assessing the thermal performance of your curtain wall design? Let Heartland provide the glazing expertise, freeing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your building design.

We Calculate

From day one, Heartland adds immense value by ensuring your architectural glass and metal designs are workable. We convert big-picture plans into precisely measured puzzle pieces that fulfill your design intent while maintaining the structural integrity of the opening. Our knowledgeable team includes specialists in glass and aluminum fabrication, construction project management, installation management, and logistics. Whether you need us at the rough-concept stage or after blueprints are drawn, rely on Heartland’s glazing design team to ensure the finished product will be everything you envisioned.

We Clarify

A big part of the pre-construction process is getting everyone aligned around the builder’s vision for the project. Heartland helps foster this alignment through clear and consistent communication with all trade partners. We fill information gaps about performance requirements, logistics, and feasibility of glass and aluminum designs. Heartland takes the initiative to clarify up-front details and set realistic parameters that builders can trust us to meet.

We Collaborate

Based on our vast experience working with a variety of sub-contractors, Heartland knows why it’s important to include their perspectives in our earliest design and construction sequencing conversations. For example, our holistic approach considers how window design changes could impact structural framers, masonry workers, electricians or other trade partners. By proactively working to maintain collaborative relationships and solve problems before they start, Heartland helps you avoid unnecessary headaches and delays.